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Author: Chadly

Updated Ball Lighting Sorcerer Endgame Build

This updated build has gained some serious power since our last iteration. This version has become much faster clearing, harder hitting, and faster at stunning bosses on top of it. Bosses will be stunned in basically one rotation of your abilities making for an easy fast kill. The main changes to this version are that we are running Teleport instead of Lightning Spear as an enchantment, and some different aspects that provide us with bigger damage windows. I truly believe this rivals Ice Shards Sorcerer builds and in some cases exceeds them. Either way it is a super fun and fast paced build!

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Twisting Blades Trap Rogue Lvl 50-100 WT4

This build will be focused on greatly increasing Rogue survivability by having constant CC on groups of enemies while having the mobility and damage to back it up. Twisting Blades will be the main damage source while having Poison Trap for utility, and Death Trap for grouping and extra damage. This build will be good for pushing Nightmares or just general dungeon clear. Gameplay is featured in the video below, but let’s jump into this build.

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Tornado Druid Lvl 50-100 Build Guide

CritNado Druid is one of the highest damaging builds in the game. Any boss can be melted almost instantly with our theoretically infinite stacking crit damage and rapid attack speed. We will be spamming Tornados while in Werewolf form to proc our Key Passive for guaranteed crits and to refill our Spirit. This build will require a hard to obtain Unique helmet and several important aspects to even function, so keep that in mind before full switching to this build! Gameplay is featured in the video below, but let’s jump into this nasty build.

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