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Overpower Werebear Druid Leveling Guide (1-50)

Overpower Werebear Druid Leveling Guide (1-50)

Welcome to the Season 2 Diablo IV Druid leveling guide! The point of this guide is to get you the aspects and things you need to succeed up until World Tier 4. I’ll have a separate guide for end game Werebear Druid. This guide will show you the exact dungeons you need to complete for your aspects and the easy vampire powers you can pick up to increase your damage and survivability.

In my testing, Werebear Druid is slightly slower than Lightning Storm Druid, but I think with some of the new aspects it may be able to catch up or do better than Lightning Storm Druid. The Raw Might Aspect will help with that and we’ll be able to acquire around level 10-15 because it’s the seasonal journey aspect.

  • Raw Might Aspect (Druid Offensive Aspect): After you hit 15 enemies with your Werebear Skills, your next Werebear Skill will deal 30-50% (multiplicative damage) [x] more damage and Stun enemies for 2 seconds.

This aspect will be up practically all the time because of the enemy density in the Domhainne Tunnels dungeon, which will be the main source of XP for leveling in Season 2. I recommend putting this aspect on a ring because you won’t be replacing your ring as much as your weapon while leveling your Druid.

For more information about the build, including skill rotation and other options, check out my YouTube video

[skill-tree-and-main build-url=”″]Before we go through each skill point, here’s an overview of our Druid leveling build. Your main skills and the main points to focus on. Make sure you scroll down to see which point to add each level. You can follow along and grab the recommended aspects I go over after each leveling session.[/skill-tree-and-main]

Levels 1-24

Here are the skills to pick up as you level and where to place your points in the skill tree.

  • 2 – Storm Strike
  • 3 – Enhanced Storm Strike
  • 4 – Pulverize
  • 5 – Enhanced Pulverize
  • 6 – Primal Pulverize
  • 7 – Pulverize
  • 8 – Blood Howl
  • 9 – Enhanced Blood Howl
  • 10 – Innate Blood Howl
  • 11 – Fierce Storm Strike
  • 12 – Pulverize
  • 13 – Poison Creeper
  • 14 – Enhanced Poison Creeper
  • 15 – Ferocious Poison Creeper
  • 16 – Clarity
  • 17 – Clarity
  • 18 – Clarity
  • 19 – Trample
  • 20 – Enhanced Trample
  • 21 – Savage Trample
  • 22 – Pulverize
  • 23 – Pulverize
  • 24 – Poison Creeper

At this point (level 24-25), you should go grab your dungeon aspects and vampire powers. Raw Might Aspect on your Ring, Vampiric Power ‘Domination‘, and Vampire Power ‘Hemomancy.’ Next you’ll go get your first spirit boonPackleader‘ – Lucky Hit: Critical Strikes have up to a 20% chance to reset the Cooldowns of your Companion Skills. This will reset Poison Creeper, which is our best skill. Now back to the skills. At level 25 you can respec into Petrify->Prime Petrify-> Supreme Petrify if you’re having trouble with Spirit generation, however we will be solving that problem soon.

Levels 25-30

  • 25 – Grizzly Rage
  • 26 – Prime Grizzly Rage
  • 27 – Supreme Grizzly Rage
  • 28 – Poison Creeper
  • 29 – Poison Creeper
  • 30 – Poison Creeper

Now that we’re level 30, we can take on some harder dungeons and get some aspects that are a little later on in the game. The first one we’ll grab is Aspect of the Umbral. This restores resource when we crowd control an enemy. We’ll be pairing this with the Aspect of Quicksand, which slows enemies. These go together nicely to solve any resource generation issues. Next up, go get Aspect of Retaliation to increase your core skill damage. Also pick up the vampire power ‘Sanguine Brace‘ for more Fortify and Critical Strike Chance. This paired with Predatory Instinct will boost your crit chance.

Levels 31-42

  • 31 – Predatory Instinct
  • 32 – Predatory Instinct
  • 33 – Predatory Instinct
  • pick up Scythe Talons spirit boon for even more crit chance, and Obsidian Slam
  • 34 -Quickshift
  • 35 – Ursine Strength (ULTIMATE)
  • 36 – Iron Fur
  • 37 – Iron Fur
  • 38 – Iron Fur
  • 39 – Heart of the Wild
  • 40 – Wild Impulses
  • 41 – Wild Impulses
  • 42 – Wild Impulses

At level 42, you’ll be able to complete the Belfry Zakara dungeon, which grants you the Aspect of Ursine Horror. This allows you to scale Pulverize with Earth damage and also gets the Nature damage scaling tag which I’ll cover below. Before you go to Hawezar for this aspect, spec into Wariness spirit boon which will improve your survivability. You also want to grab the Ballistic Aspect for a +2 in Earth Skills when you have Fortify.

Levels 43-50+

  • 43 – Crushing Earth
  • 44 – Crushing Earth
  • 45 – Crushing Earth
  • 46 – Safeguard
  • 47 – Stone Guard
  • 48 – Stone Guard
  • 49 – Stone Guard
  • 50 – Defiance
  • 51 – Defiance
  • 52 – Defiance
  • 53 – Circle of Life
  • 54 – Resonance
  • 55 – Resonance
  • 56 – Resonance
  • [REMOVE] Clarity, [REMOVE] Clarity, [REMOVE] Clarity
  • [ADD] Neurotoxin, [ADD] Envenom, [ADD] Envenom, [ADD] Envenom

For the last spirit boon, grab Iron Feather. In addition to the aspects and vampiric powers mentioned above, you can fill in the rest using this list.

  • Aspect of Disobedience
  • Shockwave Aspect (on weapon)
  • Aspect of Might
  • Blood Boil (vampiric power)

Finally, here’s the D4Builds link.

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